Past and current client testimonials

Brian Matthews
Senior Children's Centre and Extended Services Coordinator
East Reading CAT Team

"Andrew at Stoneworks Communications worked with our three Children's Centres to
develop a range of parent case studies which not only celebrated our families' achievements,
but the success and achievements of the three Children's Centres. He also produced an
innovative and eye catching 'Our First Five Years Together' milestones booklet for young

His team worked sensitively with our parents and produced high quality literature
that we are very proud of. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Stoneworks Communications.
He was always on time to meet deadlines, quick to respond and produce work and his literature
proved to be a highly cost effective way to spread the Children's Centre message across
East Reading. His work has been recognised by other local centres, who have also adopted
this marketing format, and also by the senior management within the Council"

Val Williams
Business Manager
Leatherhead Trinity School and Children's Centre

"Andrew of Stoneworks Communications developed four school case studies and a prospectus.
I especially like the way that he integrated parent voices and experiences into the prospectus.
Parent members of the PTA praised the prospectus, and the Chair of Governors called it 'Lovely!'.
We had an open morning for parents soon after printing the prospectus and all parents took copies.

"Stoneworks provided the writing, photography and design, and took care of the project from start
to finish. The reaction to our new literature, especially the prospectus, has been truly excellent!
Andrew worked hard to deliver literature that was eye-catching and that met our specific needs,
and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other schools."

Sue Brown
St Pauls C/E Infant School and Children Centre

"Stoneworks Communications has developed a range of high impact parent case studies
across Guildford and also produced for us an eye-catching, parent orientated, A5 booklet
which shows parents what we offer. I'm very happy indeed with the service we received.

"The literature was of the highest quality and Andrew was quick to develop the literature
and apply any amends requested. His costs were competitive and, because he has a great
deal of experience in the sector, he had a lot of great ideas…and didn't need to bother us
too much as he knew what was needed!"

Sue Childs
Deputy Head
Comberton Primary School

"Stoneworks Communications has a truly unique slant to school marketing and literature.
Andrew Smith is highly experienced in marketing the education sector and it shows. I'd happily
recommend Stoneworks services to any school. Our first meeting with him was very enlightening
and inspiring.

"Andrew and his team went 'the extra mile' and worked extremely hard to accommodate all our
needs. Things changed at the school while they were developing our communications, and
they were always willing to change and adapt. Stoneworks were very easy to work with and
we are very happy indeed with what they developed."

Zoe Chinnery
Children's Centre Manager
Oak Farm Infant School

"Stoneworks really seemed to care about our parents. Andrew took the time to make sure that
every parent featured in our studies and reports was happy with the content...and worked at the
parent's own speed. Parents also really enjoyed having their photos taken by a professional

"Stoneworks produced a wide range of Parent Case Studies covering all Children's Centres in
Hillingdon, and a Parent Welcome Booklet covering all the questions that parents would ask.
They also produced a Hillingdon Children's Centres Achievement Report, and a booklet explaining
what Children's Centres are in the borough. The fact that he has worked for so many Centres for so
long really helps. He has a lot of very good ideas and I'd recommend his services to any other
Children's Centre or group of Children's Centres.

Matthew Till
Children's Centre/Extended Services Manager
Wednesbury North Children's Centre

"Stoneworks organise everything once you give them the go ahead, and they worked closely with
our parents and with us. Parents also seemed to enjoy having their photos taken by the
professional photographer and commented that the photography team were very friendly indeed.
Because they work closely with you, you have total control.

"They have a lot of experience and many great ideas. That is why I felt that they could really help
us with meaningful materials. They produced Parent Posters, Parent Case studies and Folders for
us, and are working on a prospectus. I'd encourage other Children's Centres to get in touch with
them because they are very good at what they do and produce materials to a very high standard."

Jane Fines
Thorpe Acre Primary School

"Thank you SO much for all your help - I am absolutely delighted with the prospectus and
the workload for me was minimal - you did all of it!! I don't want to recommend you to too many
people locally because I don't want their prospectus to be as good as ours!"

"Also, the case studies really do capture what our parents say…When new parents want to
see what other parents think of Thorpe Acre, they will just click on the studies. We will let
our parent stories sell the school and - along with the prospectus - share our story."

"I can't think of another supplier to schools who does what you do, with not only recording
parent stories and developing your unique parent/pupil case studies…but with integrating
the parents into all other literature."

Amanda Bennett
The Greetland Academy

"One word that sums up Stoneworks Education is 'different'. They had the great idea of capturing
our parents' positive experiences in case studies and using them to market the school. At first
we were a little sceptical but they gave us the confidence to try this and then make it happen.
Our literature now looks stunning. I'd recommend that other schools meet with Stoneworks to
find out what they can offer and to see how they could benefit.

"Andrew of Stoneworks met with our staff to develop a PR schedule. The meeting was very
creative when he encouraged staff to talk about what they were proud of. From this meeting
he guided us towards our best local and national news stories. He also gave support regarding
press releases, and dealing with media responses. We now have an exciting PR schedule and
can better plan to increase our school profile through newspapers, radio and TV."

Frances Wimpress
Purley Nursery School and Children's Centre

"Andrew of Stoneworks has many great ideas to publicise Children's Centres to parents and
professionals. He has worked for many Centres and it shows! I can't think of anyone else who
produces what he does. And he also works at the parents own speed. I'd certainly recommend
other Children's Centres get in touch with him. What he produced for us was of the highest quality."

Sarah Duggan
Children's Centre & Extended Services Manager
Amy Johnson

"We were keen to share the successes that our children and families had made during their
time at our Centre, and the Stoneworks Case Studies and Parent Posters create a real spotlight
on outcomes and were ideal. The team at Stoneworks have worked quickly and flexibly to provide
great looking studies and posters that really tell our story. The parents have really enjoyed seeing
their photos and stories and I would certainly recommend that other children's Centres contact
Stoneworks to see how they can help them."

Elaine Weddle
Marketing Officer
East Sussex County Council

"We use Stoneworks to write our Parent and Worker Case Studies, and we design and print them.
They have a professional photographer who organises photo sessions for the studies too. I find
that it saves time to use Stoneworks as they have a lot of experience in writing these types of studies,
and just get on with it once you give them a parents name and phone number. They put no pressure
on parents and work at the parents own speed. They have written over 40 studies for us, covering all
of East Sussex, and I'm very happy indeed with their work.

"They have also produced written, designed and printed Children's Centre Achievement Reports for
Centres in East Sussex, and Centres in the Lewes area. And other publications.

"Because they have worked in the sector for so long and are so experienced, I feel they are the ideal
agency to call upon to help out on these sort of projects and I'd recommend them to any other
Children's Centre or Local Authority Marketing Department. They are highly professional, precise
and cost effective."

Sally Penn
Bassetlaw Children's Centres Coordinator

"Stoneworks took the time to work closely with our Children's Centre Managers and parents, and that
shows in the results. They developed a suite of Parent Case Studies covering the Bassetlaw area.
This helped us to known how we had truly benefitted these parents and to enable us to use these
studies to inspire new parents or educate fellow professionals as to the benefits of Children's Centres.

"Stoneworks also produced a very impressive and persuasive report outlining the achievements
of all our Children's Centres, matching achievements up to ECM outcomes and using parent and
worker quotes and studies to further demonstrate the impact we have made across Bassetlaw.
I'd certainly recommend Stoneworks to other boroughs and counties."

Una Daniel
Prospect Kilton Children's Centre

"Stoneworks have worked with all the Children Centre's Co-ordinators in Bassetlaw to produce a
suite of Parent Case Studies that truly show what a difference we have made to parent's lives.
"They are inspiring. We can use them to demonstrate how we can help and support them and
showcase to fellow professionals what we have achieved!"

Alan Jones
Chief Executive
Somerset County Council

"A document which arrived on my desk this week - Children's Centres in Somerset
- was, quite simply the most moving and uplifting thing that I have read this
year. If you want to know what the County Council's services look like at their best,
and what 'Providing for Life' means in real terms, you should read it."

Lesley Davies
Extended Services Coordinator
Clayton Brook Children's Centre

"Andrew Smith of Stoneworks developed an affordable and parent-friendly services booklet for us,
against a very tight deadline. He delivered with time to spare. He then met the Centre Managers of
the five Children's Centres in Chorley and is now producing a range of parent case studies to
cover Chorley. These will be used to show other parents how Children's Centres can help them.

"It's not about advertising services…it's about advertising how parents benefit! That's what gets a
parent's attention I believe.

"For free Stoneworks also developed a logo for Chorley Children's Centres and a house style. I'd
certainly not hesitate in recommending Stoneworks to other Children's Centres."

Sally Leach
Head Teacher
Epsom Downs Children's Centre

"Andrew has developed some very inspirational and powerful case studies on parents who have
used Epsom Downs Children's Centre. They very clearly show how the Children's Centre can
change lives for the better. We can use them to show new parents the benefit of using our Centre,
and to show professionals the positive outcomes. We plan to have more studies over time and I'd
recommend Andrew to other Children's Centres."  

Kathryn Solly
Chelsea Open Air Nursery School and Children's Centre

"Andrew Smith of Stoneworks has produced a stunning achievement booklet for Chelsea Open Air
Nursery School and Children's Centre. We had a tight deadline (which he met) as we wanted it for
our 80th Birthday Celebration in July 08. The booklet was a great success and had a big impact at
our event. We wanted it to show that not only had we been around for 80 years, and it does
this…but to also demonstrate that we are as active and vibrant now, as we were then!

"Andrew also produced 30 parent case studies that showed how parents had benefitted from
using the Centre. They are a true and impressive tribute to what we have achieved for our parents
and a very moving account of the lives that have passed through our Centre. I'd have no hesitation
in recommending Andrew to other Children's Centres."

Linda Smith
Kestrels Children's Centre

"Andrew met with me and I asked him to produce a range of parent case studies for Kestrels
Children's Centre. He is very cost effective and professional. He is also very parent focussed and
seems to really care about our parents.

"The studies themselves are highly inspirational and a great record of how the Centre has helped
and supported its parents. Not only can we use them to bring new parents into the Centre, but they
are very useful as records of soft outcomes to show to local and national government, local
stakeholders and professionals.

"Andrew recently met with Children's Centres in our area and we hope to use him across a larger
area to cover several Centres."

Denise Poore
Marsh Farm Children's Centre

"Andrew contacted me and we met, where he outlined his comprehensive expertise in
communications for Children's Centres. I felt that it was time for Marsh Farm Children's Centre to
promote what we had accomplished over the years and that we could benefit from an
achievements booklet and, after comparing his charges to others, commissioned him. I am very
happy with the professional quality of the booklet which is aimed at both parents and early years
professionals, and would recommend his services to any other organisation in the childcare and
family support sector.

"He has also produced some very powerful parent case studies that show parents how families
benefit from using the Centre. Our families were very happy to be involved, and we have had
numerous compliments on the studies. We have commissioned him to produce some family
newsletters also.

"I feel that Andrew has a deep understanding of what works in the sector and is very parent

Rafiquel Islam
SureStart Palfrey
Palfrey Access Centre

"Andrew developed some case studies on how parents had benefited through SureStart Palfrey's
help and a brochure that detailed what we had achieved since setting up SureStart Palfrey…which
we used to clearly show that we had been successful at not only meeting our targets but changing
children and parents lives. We had had very positive feedback to this literature.

"I was particularly happy to work with him because he had a comprehensive knowledge of
SureStart and had many proven and innovative ideas. He was very easy to work with and totally
professional. If we had a suggestion he would work hard to incorporate it into the literature. I'd
also be happy to recommend his services to others."

Wendy Whittaker
Children's Centre Service Coordinator
Underwood West Children's Centre

"We have had some fantastic feedback from the literature that Andrew developed for us,
particularly from partners who appreciated the format, style and content. Cheshire County Council
also highly approved of the case study approach and is looking to adopt this methodology when
evaluating certain parts of their Children's Centre services.  

"Andrew helped keep us on track when working with him and I was impressed with his knowledge
of the sector and level of customer service. We changed the document whilst he was writing and
designing it and he proved to be very flexible...trying his best to accommodate our needs and also
commenting on our requested changes and helping smooth out any problems. I would easily
recommend him to any other SureStart or Children's Centre."

Angela Peart
Start Honor Oak

"Andrew developed some communications materials for our Children's Centre. A suite of case
studies on parents that had benefited from using our services and an achievement booklet
highlighting what we had achieved since we began. I was very impressed with his expertise in the
sector and the excellent materials that he produced. We had a lot of feedback to the materials. I'd
recommend his services to anyone in the childcare, education and family support sectors. We have
been very pleased with the quality of the work. Andrew paid a lot of attention to detail and
produced the type of document that we needed for our service."

Paula Mead
Sure Start Programme Manager
Sure Start Bedlington & District Childrens Centre

"Andrew worked with us on researching, writing and designing our annual report and eight parent
case studies. He is very cost effective, efficient and the literature he produces is of impeccable
quality. The designed case studies were supplied to us on disc for us to print off when needed. He
printed the annual report and I feel that it is an ideal tool to demonstrate what we have achieved
over the last three years. I'm extremely happy with it.

"Working with Andrew was very easy and the fact that he has worked in the sector for many years,
and has so much experience, really helped. It is most useful to know that we can call on his help
and support at any time and I do not hesitate in recommending him to any other Sure Starts."

Dawn Melrose
Office Manager
Sure Start Nuneaton

"Andrew approached us with a view to developing our marketing and PR strategy.  He met with
several members of our programme to show us the types of work he produces, and to get our ideas
on what we wanted for our programme.  From this, he developed a comprehensive marketing and
communications plan, based on our available budget. 

"We were impressed with the samples of literature that Andrew showed us as examples.  He
listened very closely to the ideas we already had, and in the plan given us some practical solutions
to the difficulties we are having with regard to informing parents and marketing ourselves with our
partner agencies, the local media and Council Members.

"He is very aware of our wish to be able to produce much of our publicity material ourselves in-
house, and is working on a 'house style' to enable us to do this. He has also worked very closely
with our Lead Agency to incorporate their styles and to use their corporate preferred suppliers.

"Andrew has a good understanding of the work Sure Start programmes are doing and their aims
and objectives.  He is very professional in his attitude and approach, and has produced our
marketing plan promptly, with the option for us to amend the final plan as we wish."

Kathy King
Sure Start Ferryhill and Chilton

"Andrew has developed and produced our 22 page A4 full colour 'Celebration Report'...a document
which I feel fully documents our achievements during 2003-2204, and past achievements. He kept
us on our toes and chased us to keep the project running. It also highlights how we have made a
difference to Sure Start parents' lives. It has a long shelf life and I'm very proud of the document.

"Andrew has also worked very hard with staff and parents at Sure Start Ferryhill and Chilton,
carefully listening to all views and opinions to then develop a communications campaign. He
presented a plan that demonstrated how to communicate to parents, providers, and
stakeholders/MPs and I'm presently considering it. I was very impressed with his professionalism
and the level of detail in the plan

"It is re-assuring to know that he is so experienced in the field and I would recommend him to
anybody thinking of using him"

Nicky Booth
Walsall Early Years Unit

"We have been using Andrew's services for three years. He is very keen on prices and rather than
his prices going up, they have gone down over the years. He seems very keen to save us money.
He also keeps to our timescales and helps us to keep to his timescales for producing our work.

"It has also been very useful that he has a background in marketing childcare and early education
because we have not had to 'hand hold' and provide him with lots of information, and he has come
to us with ideas also.

"He works within our budgets and limitations very creatively and professionally. From leaflet
writing, developing case studies to helping run marketing campaigns and producing our two
termly provider and parents magazine, I'd recommend his services to all concerned. The proof of
the pudding is in the eating and we are still using Andrew's services. "

Jane Fallows
Manager Stoke-on-Trent CIS

"He has written our Implementation Plan and case studies on parents, which we can use to
publicise the CIS to parents; and childcare workers, which we can use to publicise childcare
careers...and I'm very happy indeed with the service he offers.

"His writing and designs are first class and he's willing to change as much as we require. When we
first started using him he offered us a lot of ideas and pricing options for the Implementation Plan
and case studies. I feel that because he has marketed EYDCPs and CIS for so long that he really
knows the subject and brings a lot of experience to his writing and designing.

"He also produces our magazine to providers. He re-vamped the style making it very eye catching
and improved the layout. I have no hesitation at all in recommending his services to any other
EYDCP and CIS. I'm happy that we found him."

Non childcare and family support clients say:

Lynn Barrett
Communications Manager
London South LSC

"I have worked with Andrew now for just under three years and have been very happy indeed with
the service we get from him. He has written over a hundred excellent case studies which we have
used in various ways. He has also copywritten and designed/printed many other jobs for us...from
leaflets to regular magazines. He is always professional, knowledgeable and keeps to budget and
timescale. I'd recommend his services to anybody and will continue to be using him."

Abdul Khan, PA Manager for
Connexions Tees Valley

"Following the completion of several action research reports in respect of young people from
marginalised groups Connexions Tees Valley commissioned the services of Mr Andrew Smith to
develop these reports into a combined toolkit /guidance document for generic personal advisers.

"In completing this piece of work Mr Smith was proficient in working to timescales, supportive in
his ideas drawing from his professional experience and overall his approach to the task was totally
professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him in respect of further work."

Amanda Manuel
Marketing Manager
Surrey LSC

"Andrew has been writing our personalised letter invites to breakfast seminars for small and
medium sized businesses.  We are able to send him the details via email and the letters are turned
around quickly and emailed back - this way of communicating has worked exceptionally well.  The
reaction to the letters has been phenomenal.  Our last breakfast seminar was sold out within three
days of it hitting desks!"


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